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We still remember that the northern town of porridge that sister? Every winter she got up in the middle of the night, boil on the full three porridge hot porridge, free to the shrouded in the cold cleaners, poor people and beggars, a few years as one day, never interrupted. When one day, an old man from which to eat a grain of sand, a bowl of hot porridge suddenly poured on the body of the sister, and porridge who also instantly divided into two camps: Some people say that the old man should not be scattered, there are People accused of sister - in - law should not be mixed with sand. Fickle, so that our ruler distorted, how much good cold heart.
Kaixian a loaded with 19 passengers of the CMB, Suddenly dangerous situation, a head into the reservoir up to five meters deep. Local villagers Jinyou tree jumped into the icy water, smashed open the window will be 19 passengers all rescued, but because of prolonged cold soak suffers from lung disease, debt treatment for several months, told by no door, had to leave the hospital, Died at home. None of the 19 survivors went to the hospital to visit, but no one to see him off. Jin Yushu wrote a letter before his death, the first sentence is: "I saved the life of 19 people, who is now to save my life." Indifference, let us ruler impertinent, leaving endless regret.
Everyone has a ruler in his heart. We use it to measure others, but also to always measure their own. In this world, there should be such a ruler, the situation is full of warmth, Yu Li highlights the fair, justice in the law, always shining with the glory of human nature. As long as I insist on starting from the bit by bit start, blame themselves, generous people, the fire is bound to a prairie fire, the world will eventually be full of sunshine, love.

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